Difficult Conversations Training Courses –

Be a Tackler not a Dodger

  • How many elephants are in the room?
  • Put another way, how many difficult conversations are you avoiding today?
  • Would a toolkit with 10 practical steps to tackle difficult conversations help you?



Over the past five years, Difficult Conversations training has become Globis’ bestselling course. In the twenty first century, difficult conversations are everywhere. Whether we’re at home, at work or in a social situation, unwanted subjects can be suddenly raised which demand you to do either one of two things – to tackle the conversation or to dodge it. All of us react in different ways, indeed some may choose to tackle one subject and dodge the next, but all too often in the current climate, those in management positions whose job it is to deal with potentially difficult or damaging situations are dodging more than they are tackling – 72% of them, according to a recent study.

Recently, organisations have been faced with economic uncertainty, budget cuts, rising unemployment, constant change and performance issues. These have increased the need for difficult conversations. The Difficult Conversations Training series has been launched in response to a growing demand from managers requesting help to prepare for situations they are facing. It will help you ensure that you get the outcome you want from a conversation you don’t.

Aim of the course

This one day course will help you understand that difficult conversations do not need to be as daunting as they appear, and will highlight the benefits that managing difficult conversations can bring to you as an individual, and to the organisation. You will learn how to manage difficult conversations, still achieve business objectives and keep important relationships intact.


By the end of the session delegates will have learned ten practical steps to enable them to address difficult issues and tackle potentially awkward situations. The course covers handling difficult conversations from recognition and preparation to successful performance and how to move on with prosperous working relationships:

diff convs ppp1

This course is perfect for anyone who is:

  • Preparing to give a series of tough messages at work.
  • About to embark on a discussion about poor performance.
  • About to go through a redundancy programme.
  • Uncomfortable about giving bad news.
  • About to announce a programme of change.
  • Interested in learning about key techniques that can be used when giving difficult messages

Difficult conversations can crop up in all areas of life – our ten step Difficult Conversations Training plan will help you succeed at them all.

“This was just the right course to enable me to deal with issues at work” Maria McClure, Farnborough College of Technology


“I think the course was brilliant overall and I couldn’t think of any ways to improve it!” Sharon Salter, Milton Keynes Community Health Trust


“Probably the most informative and educational session of its type I have attended. A must for all managers and aspiring managers.” Alan Kibbur, New Charter Housing Trust Group


Training options


Difficult Conversations Training can be delivered in a number of flexible options:

Please do not hesitate to call us on 0330 100 0809 or email training@tacklingdifficultconversations.com to discuss your individual needs.

Read more about the course facilitators by clicking here.