Mediation is a voluntary process for resolving disputes in which another person helps the parties negotiate a settlement. The mediator is a neutral person who is there to assist the parties in their negotiations. The mediator provides a clear head, impartiality, process management, encouragement, optimism, and above all, brings hope to situations that may seem fruitless, whilst always leaving the problem and the decision to settle it in the hands of the parties.

Mediation is private, conducted without prejudice and with total confidentiality. It has many positives compared to other dispute resolution methods including that mediation does not affect statutory or human rights, it improves communications, it unearths the real issues, issues can be settled quickly and can avoid direct and/or indirect costs.

When mediation is required we offer a full range of mediation services including:

  • Providing mediators
  • Training people to be accredited mediators
  • Setting up an internal mediation service for organisations
  • Providing a fully outsourced mediation service
  • Providing an external partnership to support organisation that already have an internal mediation service

For further information on how we can support your organisation with mediation services please click here.